Connecting people & organizations to purpose and action

In this time of dynamic change, one thing is clear -- we need to be more creative and adaptive in order to get results for our stakeholders.  Health care, higher education and global non-profits are launching new models of leadership, strategic action, and service that will leverage experience and opportunity. 

To be really effective, we need some answers.

  • In what ways will our vision shift based on global and regional markets? 
  • What human and capital resources will we need to deliver results? 
  • How will we utilize policy & technology to be successful? 
  • How will we engage all of our stakeholders in the process?

Epiphany Enterprises will work with you and your health care, education & non-profit organization to design strategic solutions that respond to these challenges. 

Across the US and the world, our dynamic and responsive strategic consulting practice works with organizational leaders to articulate a shared vision, identify common goals, and align people and resources with the desired outcomes.  We connect all stakeholders to the plan, apply implementation tools and techniques, and track and report on progress. 

Our solutions-focused enterprise coaching promotes action and accountability, and builds "destination thinking" into your organization.  Once your "vision-to-action" plan is in place, our coaching model will position leaders at all levels to produce sustainable outcomes.

We are a group of collaborators from across government, education and industry connected by our commitment to effectiveness, innovation, and the compelling nature of people in pursuit of common purposes.

With more than 25 years experience in strategic vision and action, project management, business development, and enterprise coaching; Epiphany Enterprises links people and results by making leadership a daily act.

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